PNC at PantheaCon 2011


SATURDAY: 5pm – 7pm Room 957

Pagan Newswire Collective meet-and-greet. Come meet the journalists and activists building a new kind of Pagan news gathering organization for the future of our interconnected communities. Representatives from the PNC national organization, as well as from local PNC bureaus, will be in attendance.

SUNDAY: 9am – Oak

Introduction to the Pagan Newswire Collective (Jason Pitzl-Waters). It’s time for our communities to embrace our own ethos of journalism and reporting. Join us for a presentation of the Pagan Newswire Collective, a new initiative to empower our communities in an age where “the news” is an increasingly decentralized and social phenomenon. Several PNC bureau participants will be on-hand to also share their experiences.


SATURDAY: 11am – Silicon Valley

Pagans in the Media: A Panel on 21 Century Pagan Leadership: This panel will feature Devin Hunter, journalist and host of the Modern Witch Podcast, Ms.Rabbit Mathews, owner of The Sacred Well and Co-founder of CAYA, Jason Pitzl-Waters journalist, host of The Wild Hunt blog and A Darker Shade of Pagan,and Rev. Hyperion host of The Unnamed Path. The panel will be addressing modern paganism in the media, pagan community cul-ture, and the growth of the neo-pagan movement in the twenty-first century. How we got here, what we are doing as a contemporary culture, and where we are headed. This panel will be recordedin HD video for later distribution.

SATURDAY: 3:30pm – Fir

American Mystic – Film and Q&A with director and subjects: American Mystic: a film by Alex Mar (official selection Tribeca Film Festival). Join us for a very special screening of “AMERICAN MYSTIC”, with Q&A with the director & subjects of the film, moderated by Jason Pitzl-Waters (The Wild Hunt). A farm hand in up-state New York trains to become a healer; a Lakota Sioux in South Dakota returns to the scarring ritual of sundancing; a Pagan priestess builds a witches’ sanctuary in northern California. In her debut,director Alex Mar presents another view of faith. Intimate, visually lush portraits of young Americans living outside the mainstream to follow their beliefs.
SATURDAY: 7pm – San Juan/San Carlos
Living a Celtic Reconstructionist Path: A spiritual path is not just about belief, it’s about daily life and an approach to that life. Join author Erynn Rowan Laurie for a talk on living a CR path, from thoughts about ritual and community to living Celtic virtues and approaching reading, music and food as ways to deepen our connections to the spiritual worlds.
SUNDAY: 1:30pm - Carmel/ Monterey
Exploring New Media: A Pagan Perspective: Join Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt as he moderates a panel discussion featuring author T. Thorn Coyle, Star Foster of, Brandi Palechek of Llewellyn, and Christine Hoff Kraemer of Cherry Hill Seminary, exploring how they use and navigate new media in their careers.